I'm Matt Snow, a UX leader who guides teams to deliver world-class products.

Summary: I'm a seasoned creative leader who solves the right problems to build the right thing. I love managing people, designing, and self-improvement. This portfolio is a curated sample of my work.

I excel at companies who push new ground, which has given me a diverse work history.

As the senior-most UX leader at Zynga, a game company that creates top grossing games such as Words With Friends and Zynga Poker, I mentor rising leaders, represent creative, lead the UX community, improve process, and ship lots of games.

I've launched seven games to date, including Zynga Poker Mobile, the #1 grossing app in the UK, and most of Zynga's "Ville" mobile games.

Prior to Zynga, I led Adobe's Mobile & Devices team for over three years. We leveraged our Flash platform to deliver applications for Fortune 500 companies. I presented Adobe Flash's creative capabilities at conferences worldwide.

Other responsibilities included leading a redesign for Macromedia.com and creative direction for marketing campaigns.

Before Adobe I started as Lead Designer at Quokka Sports, a company that originated immersive broadband experiences. During this time, I led the design for the multi-award winning NBC Olympics website for the Sydney Games. After three plus years at Quokka, I ended as Creative Director.

I earned my degree in Fine Art/Multimedia at the University of Maine, where I was a designer, illustrator, 3D artist, animator, developer, and university instructor.